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Thursday, 4 June 2015

AMBITION: Through the Lens of Film

"There's no place like home". There’s also no experience like watching a movie whether it is at the cinema or watching it on a DVD at home. My ambition is to work in movies for a variety of reasons; such as the talent of the cast and crew, the marvellous visual effects and the experience of watching a film. I have loved films for many years as they continue to wow and take you to a beautiful place.

Despite my love of movies now, at an early age I used to hate films. The giant big cinema had an evil striking presence while the movies themselves provoked either tears, screams or yawns from me. However the turning point came back in the summer of 2003 when I saw Piglet’s Big Movie on the big screen as I fell in love with the movie and multiplex immediately. But my family may have lived to regret trying to get me invested in going to the cinema as I dragged them a further 6 times to see the same movie at the cinema; and have made my family see millions of movies since my love for films occurred. However, I still had a few fears about the cinema when I was 6 which led to me running around the cinema screaming as I thought I heard a noise from under the carpet while leaving the cinema screen - but it turned out the noise was probably my imagination nonetheless this shows the impact films have had on me. Films continued to develop into a massive passion for me and they are now my ambition because of the magic they have brought to me since a young age.

There are many different reasons that I like movies. First of all the stories are enthralling, telling tales of magical moments with the themes of humour, sadness and fun running through them while other films stories leaves your jaws dropping as they unveil their magnificent twists. The stories let your imagination run loose as your eyes witness many masterpieces. The technical achievements of films are also amazing, displaying how the film industry has developed over the years and films with amazing technical achievements, such as Avatar and Gravity, are spectacular movies due to the striking visual elements the films contain. It also feels weird to love films with these technical accomplishments when my 3 year old self would be running quicker than Usain Bolt away from these pictures.

I also love the experience of going to the cinema as it is a great and enchanting place where dreams can come true. From seeing all the film posters glow as you walk to your screen to the trailers convincing you that you need to spend more money to come and see these films immediately: the whole experience is truly exciting. The best part, though, is being able to watch the films on a massive screen with fantastic sound quality while experiencing all emotions and falling in love with what is in front of your eyes. Even movies that are bad can lead to fun movie experiences such as my Grandma and I joking about how bad the film is to walking out of the screen giving you a sense of relief. Also the amount of formats you can watch films in are incredible; ranging from the gigantic IMAX cinemas which are the best place to watch movies with great visual effects to the local cinemas which have nice feelings and the art-house cinemas which are comfy and feel like you are being transported back to 1950’s Hollywood. I love the experience of a cinema so much that my ambition used to be to work at a cinema selling popcorn so I could see all the latest films for free.

However watching the film is not the only part of the movie business that gives me an aspiration to get involved in the future; I also love the box office runs and seeing how well films are doing. The unpredictability and shocking box office runs makes the industry really fun to track and in my time there has been many mind-blowing box office runs such as Avatar becoming the biggest grossing film ever worldwide, The Avengers smashing all box office predictions to score the highest ever opening in America and surprise smashes like The Hunger Games taking the world by storm. The movie business still provides entertainment today with a recent example being American Sniper making bucket loads at the American box office as it looks like to be the biggest film of 2014 which nobody saw coming even two months ago. Another great part about the box office is the cultural impacts certain films and genres have had in our world such as superheroes becoming one of the biggest trends again and frozen suddenly sweeping into all parents and children’s minds last year.

My dream and ambition for the future is to work in the movie industry and I am ambiguously certain on what I want to do because of the many areas I love of movies. Part of me wants to track the box office runs to see what’s hot and what’s not with the public, part of me wants to star and direct in Oscar-worthy movies as I get invited into the luxury of Hollywood and attend all the best festivals such as the Oscars. Another part of me wants to work at a movie studio deciding which movies should be greenlit and the important decisions that the movie studios have to make and another part of me wants to write movies that people will love and find inspirational, funny and great. One thing is for certain though and that is that I want to work in the movie business and I want to make my dream come true such as dreams from movies like WALL.E where he makes the world a better and cleaner place and Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom where Nelson Mandela wants to help the world and to free it of racism. Despite being an animated character [WALL.E] or a real life inspirational figure [Mandela], both of these characters share the idea to make the world a better place and achieve their dreams and hopes. I want to make this world a better place by giving people love through movies which is another reason movies are my ambition.

These are many reasons why films are my ambitions and I want to inspire a generation through this medium of entertainment. I definitely want to do something in films as they are my ambition and I adore them so much and even though I don’t know what yet, “Mama always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get".