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Thursday, 4 June 2015

AMBITION: The right attitude

Ambition is the most significant device needed to achieve success. It is more important than talent or resources. A determined attitude can lead anyone to victory and contentment, regardless of what is put in front of them. To have the will, the dream and the courage to achieve the task set, will get you a lot further in life than any ‘natural’ talent or skill. An ambitious attitude is the essential thing. With an ambitious attitude the outcomes are endless and the gratification achieved will be greater than the countless hours put in. The skills can come naturally but the fight, will, courage and dream to be the best, overpower the talent. Talent is not talent without the ambitious driving force to work. Anyone can have ambition and the ambition can lead to talent if you do not let the hard work destroy you. How many underdogs have achieved more than previous champions? They have achieved more as they have taken their ambition to the next level, pushed themselves to the breaking point and beyond. As they improve, they want it more. They work harder than before, they pressure themselves more and they achieve more. The people who are at the top have made sacrifices to achieve their dreams. Sacrifices that they may regret, because they missed events, but at the end of the day they have more than the average person. They have their goal. Ambition allows us to fight for what we believe in. No short-cuts taken and no distractions.  Dedicated to their goals and the will to work harder: mentally and physically. Ambition always has results depending on how hard you push yourself to your breaking point and how much more you are willing to give after you nearly gave up.