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Thursday, 4 June 2015

AMBITION: Finding the right balance

AMBITION means a desire, aspiration, or eagerness for success.

An ambitious attitude may lead one to triumph regardless of what challenges are put in front of that person.  Having talent without ambition is not enough to succeed. People who have ambition tend to work hard and make sacrifices necessary to reach their goals and aspirations.

Ambition allows one to fight for whatever he or she believes in.  The drive to succeed in order to achieve drives people to stay focused and determined.   Ambitious people understand that there are no ‘shortcuts in life’.

However, too much ambition or uncontrolled ambition may be negative and harmful because it can make one greedy or addicted to power or money.  Such people lose sight of their goal and become obsessed with the ambition itself.  For example, during World War II, Adolf Hitler had ambition to conquer the world and to make one Aryan, supreme, master race.  His wicked ways and his obsessive over-ambition ultimately brought him and his Nazi party nowhere.

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magined that everyone else was inferior.

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outbreak of WWII.  Their wicked ways got them