Welcome to JFS School's official Blog. This is our third year of the blog and represents a chance for our new team of intrepid student journalists to write what's on their minds. The Autumn term’s blog theme focuses on “Inspiration” - so stay tuned for some fantastic creative writing.

Thursday, 4 June 2015


Inspiration begins the trail, excited for what’s to come
Innocent curiosity and joy, create one
Seed in his heart for the old oak to rise,
Of Wisdom, boy your ambition, will win the Prize.

An unclear path,
The road less travelled - others take the highway, already found
Looking baffled.
But boy, oh boy, continue this journey; staying true deep inside
Crystalize, ambition, will win the Prize.

Study. Commence. Work.
Passion. Sweat. Dirt

Overgrowth crowds the forest,
 dark shadow  cast upon the way, rings beneath his eyes.
Bags from obsession and determination.
Commitment and Visualise, ambition will win the Prize.

On hands and knees. Plough through the Grit
“You’ll make it if you’re lucky, young Brit.”

One chance to write the book of life,
The Game no one can escape,
Until the ultimate escape-
…It was all just a game…

Highscore! You Won the prize..