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Thursday, 11 December 2014


I am inspired by a wave, something that seems so small yet has so much to offer.  There are two types of waves, two very different waves though still very inspiring.

A hand wave - This wave is inspiring because it is a simple way of saying hello. By waving at someone, it can put a smile on a face and make another person happy.  Each time someone waves at me ort says a simple word like hello, I feel happy and confident, ready to start a day. Waves are very essential in your everyday life because they can brighten up your day.

A wave in the sea - This wave is inspiring not because they rise and fall but because each time they fall they never fail to rise again. This brings on a skill of determination, something which is very important, I always try to be motivated in all the subjects I attend and always rise above anything that gets in my way. If you think about it, that’s exactly what these waves do, the rise each time after the fall, their motivated to try again and again.

Because of these two different ways, I have been inspired to make another person happy by something as a simple as a friendly day to day wave, it has also given  me a sense of determination which was a skill I didn’t have before, I am now a more motivated and confident person ready to accept struggles that I face.