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Thursday, 11 December 2014

INSPIRATION: Exploring the Definition

Inspiration, could, perhaps come from anywhere. Whether the idea of it could be used by an over publicised ‘modern’ artist or an interesting quote on a classroom wall. It’s true.

If, of course, you believe in old, outdated buzzwords used by the media to express something new, exciting, innovative or inspirational but in reality, it’s probably just a slightly altered Hyundai with their trademark slogan; “inspiration comes from everywhere”.

Inspiration could come from or be an object, a person or what the object symbolises, what that person has done, what goal they may have achieved, despite the odds, perhaps art, technology, the past, the future, music. Of course it could just as well be a brick wall, a paper aeroplane, a used tissue or muddy puddle.

A definition of Inspiration is ‘an inspiring action or thought’. It’s certainly a possibility, it could be the idea that it is a word used by one who cannot fathom the idea of an intellectual epiphany, or simply underestimates their own cognitive power.

I personally believe in the latter, that inspiration is just a word used by the media but has no true or greater meaning. I’m not saying that one cannot be inspired by something, but simply that inspiration is due to a profound idea rather than a tacky punch-line.