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Thursday, 11 December 2014

INSPIRATION: Testing Tumour

My friend Jessica Cohen is my inspiration. She goes to JCOSS secondary school and is eleven years old.  Let me tell you why I think she is inspirational:

Last summer, Jessica found out that she had a tumour on her spine.  A few months before this, she had started getting pain in her legs and back but mostly her legs.  This made her feel, in her words, “upset and frustrated because my legs were sore and I couldn’t do things I enjoyed like swimming”.  The pain stopped her from getting to sleep sometimes therefore it seemed that it was starting to become a problem for Jessica.  So she went to her doctor who thought it must have been a sprain or something like that.  She was told to do some daily exercises and to go to the physiotherapist but this caused her a lot of pain as well.  After a while she was taken to a children’s spine specialist who said that she should have an MRI scan.  The MRI scan showed something fuzzy on her spine – it was a tumour.  Jessica spent two weeks in hospital, first at The Royal Free and after that, she moved to Great Ormond Street Hospital where she found out she was in need of an operation.  When she found out that she had to have an operation she felt excited for the pain to be over however as the operation got nearer, Jessica started to feel nervous, stressed and scared.

The operation lasted for four or five hours and was a success.  After the operation, she woke up to see her parents who had bought her two new t-shirts which she loved!  She was not in too much pain but felt uncomfortable due to the big scar on her spine.  Jessica felt relieved that the operation was over but stressed at the same time because she had missed her school play at her primary school; Akiva.  She missed roughly three weeks of school and badly missed all of her friends although they often came to visit and cheered her up by bringing sushi!

About five days after the operation, Jessica could start walking again!

As if this had not been hard enough for Jessica and her family, at the same time her grandpa was seriously ill due to heart failure although he had been ill for a long time.  Shortly after her operation, Jessica’s grandpa sadly passed away. Jessica felt really sad when her grandpa died and really misses him but she was expecting it because he had been ill for a prolonged period of time.   

Before her operation, Jessica and her family had been planning to climb Skafell Pike in the Lake District to raise money for the hospice where her grandpa had been staying. Even though Jessica could not do that climb after her operation she still wanted to raise money for this cause that meant a lot to her and her family.  So instead, seven weeks after her operation, she climbed four local hills with her mum, dad, brother, cousins and grandma (the wife of her grandpa). Jessica did extremely well but at some points, her spine started to become a little bit sore and tired.   She raised over £10,000 thanks to all the donations she received! All of this money went to Saint Luke’s Hospice, the place where her grandpa had been living.

Jessica and her family were featured in three different newspapers; Harrow Observer, Harrow Times and Kilburn Times. During this incident, Jessica was unable to play sports or run around but fortunately she is back to normal and happily playing netball in school once again!  In the future Jessica said that she will do lots of things like this because she loves to raise money for charity!