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Thursday, 11 December 2014

INSPIRATION: Chasing Inspiration

What is inspiration? I lay on my back, looking up to the sky, watching tree branches sway against the blue – still no ideas for that essay. Browse on the internet, trawling for motivation – an hour has disappeared but no words have appeared on the paper. How did JK ever get through her first page, let alone find 7 books out of her head?

Intangible and inconsistent inspiration has deserted me as my deadline looms nearer. Watching a movie or two seems a good plan – plenty of creative ideas there, a few more hours tick by. Listen to our passionate teachers, always ready to help. ‘Your time is passing by, much faster than you know – do you realise how many hours are left before those great exams? Run home as fast as you can and start revising now!’

I can feel the panic rising, my heart is beating fast – the headache is beginning and I have no idea where to start. As my breath starts coming short and fast, I feel my duvet beckon, I’m sure a rest would help. Another day gone, I start to write, words begin to tumble out – no more time to wait for the inspiration fairy to strike!