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Thursday, 11 December 2014

INSPIRATION: Check your emails!

The very last thing I need when my alarm scares the sleep out of me, the bitterly cold air of London starts to blow in through the windows and freeze up my warm bed, is the fact that I need to be enthusiastic. Yes enthusiastic about getting on a bus with a bunch of screaming children, who I will then sit next to in classes for the next several hours of the day.  It is a difficult time for someone like me, who treasures every second they can spend in peace and solitude.

 I have been in the School now for a year and the daily routine sticks in your head in a way no revision guide ever could. I count down the seconds until I rush to my class and stumble past impatient students who are experiencing the same amount of stress I am.

This was last year.

One Sunday morning, I woke up with the fact that school begins tomorrow attacking my every thought. I made myself a cup of Earl Grey tea (As 11 year olds do on such radiant mornings, no?) and turned on my laptop. I noticed something different.

Was it the fact that my screensaver was still a picture of revision words from my French end-of-year exam I meant to revise for? Or was it the fact that my brother left all of his gaming websites open, letting viruses make their way into my personal documents?

No. It was the fact that above my email icon was a big red notification that read 1,043 emails.

1,043 emails. To be honest, I didn’t know 1,043 emails could fit in my inbox.

I was oddly excited, not knowing how my phone had not rang throughout the whole night, but opened up my emails.

I scrolled past all the advertising which I never read anyway, as well as all the emails telling me my subscription to National Geographic has ended, even though I have never subscribed. I finally found one email that caught my attention. It was the 723rd email down.
The title was ‘Read. It will change you’. It was sent by an anonymous person.

Thinking this was another spam letter about plastic surgery or Yoga classes, I quickly skimmed through it. I got to a section called ‘Quotes: When you really need them’.

I read through some of the quotes. They were very interesting, but each one so unique and out of context, that it was odd why they were all bunched up together.

One read: ‘Help them in the morning, so that they’ll be help to you that evening’

Another read: ‘Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making plans’
I merely took notice of the two. Logged off and went elsewhere.

It is the day after. 

The alarm’s constant nagging ran through my ear canal and attacked my brain cells. The bed had lost its warmth. The sky was still dull and dark, just like it was as I closed my eyes. My uniform was folded and placed on the chair, just as it was last night- only colder. I dressed, drank a cup of tea, and lugged around my backpack.

I arrived at school to the shout of my dear friend asking me for help. I was far too stressed to think, as I had other plans, but all of a sudden I remembered the quote: ‘help them in the morning, so that they’ll be help to you that evening’

So I helped him. He got what he needed and then the bell went.

After I arrived back home later that night, I remembered that I still had that project to complete. I turned on my laptop, and as I did. My friend called me on Skype.
“Hey” he said “So…I was wondering if you need help with the project? I have some tips- I sent them to you via email.”

I was dumbfounded. The quote was true. I was still not convinced though.

I was rereading the other quote again from the email as my friend shouted through the microphones “So…want to see a movie next weekend, or grab a bite to eat?”
“Yeah, sure” I replied. We debated for at least an hour on which movie was best and which restaurant was better and so on and so forth.”

We eventually agreed and I had to go. I ran downstairs.

Everyone was crying.

“Where were you?” My mother said “We called you but you didn’t come”

I was worried, very worried. I asked what happened

“We have some news…” They said

“Your aunt is having a baby girl”

I was so happy, everyone laughed and cried. This was really a momentous occasion.

And then it hit me: Life is what happens to you as you are busy making plans.

Until this day, I do not know who the person that sent me the quotes was. He still sends them to me every day, and every day is an inspiration which motivates me to do something different. Something that might just change the way I think about life.

So at 6:30am, the alarm does not torture my every nerve into thinking the day will be a gloomy one. It tells me that the race to achieve and succeed has begun.