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Thursday, 11 December 2014


“As he [played], I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once.” - John Green

I lived my life. Waking up, waiting for the time I would sleep again. Falling asleep, dreaming of nothing. In fact I fell always. Spending my days so carelessly they mashed into a blur, when, without realising it, 10 years of my life had passed. I did not care, only because I had nothing to care about, I had nothing beautiful in my life.

It was November, I believe, November 2010, when I first heard that sweet, sweet Jazz. A timid boy, about my age, I did not listen when they introduced him, however, listen was all I could do when he played his saxophone. Listen is not the right word. I was living that Jazz. I was in love with that Jazz.

I once asked a wise man what the point of art is and he asked me back, “What is the point of living without art?” I never truly understand those words until I heard the Sax Man play.
Love flowed from a truly immortal man into an instrument of pure incredible Jazz producing the sweet beautiful tones of inspiration. The Sax Man can inspire us all, not by the perfect man he is, but by his ability to make us all appreciate the beauty in life and the beauty in ourselves.

Words from the Sax Man himself:
Me: got anything inspirational? Something about Jazz maybe

Sax Man: That is not helpful. Be more specific. Sick saxophone solo.