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Thursday, 17 January 2013

INSPIRATION: Why JFS has inspired me - [Fairy Tale Genre]

Once upon a time there was a little princess called Ilana who lived in the wonderful land of Woodside Park. At the age of two she joined her royal primary school and for the next nine years, she enjoyed a peaceful, quiet royal life.
Then everything changed, at the very special age of eleven, Princess Ilana had to leave her royal primary school and join a brand new, magnificent royal high school by the name of JFS. It was humongous!  There were older princes and princesses everywhere as well as elegant teachers wafting around the never ending corridors. Ilana wasn’t used to this though, so with the help of the beautiful and helpful Royal Peer Buddies, Ilana met SO MANY new princesses and did extremely well in her princess studies.
After a couple of weeks into her new school, Princess Ilana saw that there were lots of extra things to do as well as lessons. There were sport clubs, dance clubs, extra learning clubs, and more, but the one that really caught Princess Ilana’s attention was the Royal Student Journalist club. Princess Ilana had ALWAYS dreamt of being a journalist – the fame, the fortune and the writing! So Princess Ilana tried extra hard in her Literature lessons and sure enough her lovely Literature teachers chose HER to be a Royal Student Journalist!
Princess Ilana is now trying really hard in her new school career and wishes that when she grows up she will be a proper Royal Journalist.