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Thursday, 17 January 2013

INSPIRATION: My first day...

My alarm went off in my ear, the horrible screeching sound that wakes me up every morning. I rolled over and stared at the clock in horror. It was 6:45! Why was I up so early? But then I remembered.  I was in secondary school now! I wasn’t still at my primary school when I could wake up at 8:00 every day and only have to be at school at 8:50. No, this was JFS, where I have to wake up at 6:45 and have to be at school at 8:30. This thought was in a way depressing, that I have to be so tired all morning, however it was also a pleasant thought. It meant I was growing up. I couldn’t just relax the whole morning, I had to be prompt and early, I was becoming more of an individual.

As I put on my blazer and tightened my tie, I admired all the smart things I was wearing. It was very satisfying to look in the mirror and look smart. With a tie and a white shirt, it made me feel proud to be older. I quickly ran downstairs and picked up my heavy bag. I was so used to carrying my light primary school bag with not a book in it.

The next thing I knew, I was boarding the bus. This made me feel really independent. I was getting on my own onto the bus, with no one to tell me what was right and what was wrong. I was on my own, free to make decisions myself. When primary school ended, I felt like I was ready to move on. Now I felt that it was great to be in secondary school, and you feel so proud.

I arrived at school and got off the bus. As I walked into the entrance I was awe-struck by the building’s immensity. Compared to my little old school, with one floor and about half the size of one block, it was like an elephant, with my old school being a mouse. Still, now, many months in, it’s nice to having this conversation with my friends from my old school:
“How many students does your school have?” I ask.
“Around 500,” comes the response, “why, how many does your school have?”
“Over 2000.” I say as they stare at me as if I’m crazy.

After roll-call, my first lesson is Science. I walk up the staircase and through several corridors before finally arriving. Whilst I strolled through the crowd of people rushing to their lessons I thought about all the things I’d done that day, and how they all made me feel independent. So did this. I admired the way we have to go to lessons on our own and walk through the gigantic school to get to lessons.

The next few hours flew by and after I’d walked to lunch, I chose my meal (which is more than I did at my primary school; I had packed lunch) and handed my lunch card to the member of staff.  A lunch card! It makes me feel like it’s a credit card and I’m an adult!

The second half of the day went by and I got back on the bus and it eventually arrived at my stop. I felt something glowing in my heart as I opened the front door of my house. I was independent.
I was inspired.