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Thursday, 17 January 2013

INSPIRATION: 'Inspiration'

How to define such a word?
What inspires a person?
It can come from a saying like:
“Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes”
“Sometimes the questions are complicated but the answers are simple”
-Dr. Seuss
It can come from a person you admire like an actor, prime minister or anyone at all.
It can come from someone’s attitude or perspective on life like looking at life as an adventure where you explore new areas of life each day.
It can come from a job someone does that sounds like something you would love to do and achieve through hard work.
That’s how I was inspired by Katie.
Katie came in from Sky News and talked about her job in journalism and whilst beforehand I thought there was only one type of journalism which was writing or reporting for newspapers which I already knew I wasn’t interested in because I, personally, hate the way paparazzi sometimes change the story just to sell papers whilst it can ruin the celebrity’s life. However, Katie talked to us about journalism on TV and how it has to be 100% accurate, how they don’t over exaggerate anything and how she has to write the news stories during the day. Even though her job sounded intense it looked really fun and rewarding and not because she gets to play around with the massive touch screens though that’s probably fun as well. Katie explained the choices she has to make whilst the show is on air and how it can be very difficult to choose whether to stop the show to announce breaking news or whether to put it on the yellow ticker tape banner. That may have put people off becoming a producer however I think that every job will have its harder aspects and even though Katie’s job sounded hard and intense it also sounded enjoyable as you work as a team and the finished result is always incredible.
Overall, Katie showed me that there isn’t the one type of journalism and that if I tried hard and worked diligently like her, I could get into TV journalism which I find much more appealing then writing for newspapers.