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Thursday, 17 January 2013

INSPIRATION: Sports Leaders

Sports Leaders – an excellent opportunity to get involved with young people

Being a sports enthusiast myself, I believe that it’s vital for young people to be active and get involved with sports. Not only are there physical benefits but there are mental and social benefits too. Sports Leaders is an avenue that you can go down if you do enjoy sports and want to learn more about running courses, competitions and training days for younger children. Here’s how it’s inspired me:

Be more active – as soon as I began my course, I wanted to, and felt obliged to become more active. It’s inspired me to work harder in order to achieve and accomplish certain goals and has also impacted my schoolwork. I feel much more determined and ready to complete tasks that I would once have procrastinated over and dreaded doing.

Be more organised – being a Sports Leader means taking a role that requires a lot of responsibility and punctuality. It’s vital that you’re organised and prepared for sessions. These qualities can be carried through to other aspects of life too. There are always other benefits that you don’t realise to begin with.

Become more open – obviously when you apply to be a Sports Leader you know that you’re going to need to be approachable, be able to cope socially with a number of people and also have patience, especially with younger students. The sessions that we take part in teach us ways in which we can successfully carry out our own sessions whilst developing our own personal skills simultaneously.

Adapt better - sometimes we are faced with challenges where we must adapt to overcome them. This is very similar for a situation that you could face as a Sports Leader. For example, adapting to a change of environment, a change in equipment or a change in numbers. It’s important that we do not stress and become worried and consequently make the participants feel uncomfortable.

And finally,

Become a leader – this is a key element in being a Sports Leader. Being a role model to the children and being superior in responsibility, it is extremely important that you know how to lead an exercise, deal with misbehaving children/disciplining them whilst at the same time laying out clear instructions and working within your set age boundary. Furthermore, you need to be able to make decisions on issues that you face keep everyone happy.

Ultimately, the Sports Leaders programme has inspired me to develop my social skills and teach me valuable lessons that will suit me well in future. Hopefully I’ll be able to apply these skills when needed and look back and say how Sports Leaders inspired me.