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Thursday, 17 December 2015

INSPIRATION: Science Enthusiast

Science is my favourite subject and it has been for more than half my life.
My job aspiration is to be a physicist/x-ray crystallographer.
Having watched my sister study for her science A-levels, I have constantly been around an advanced scientific environment. This has encouraged my enthusiasm for science.
But when did I learn to like science?

My first recollection of interest in science was when I was 5, (Although my mum says that I asked her why doesn't the moon fall down when I was 3) I was watching a programme about Isaac Newton and how he discovered gravity (at this point I didn't even know what gravity was) I became interested and learnt how earth creates gravity and that it is relative to an object’s mass. Soon afterwards I learnt of Einstein and relativity. Looking back it seems like easy stuff but at the time it was way ahead of the curriculum. But it wasn't until the age of ten that I really became inspired. My best friend, outside of school, was talking about quantum physics. I was really interested and researched the topic at home. I learnt of a scientist called Neils Bohr.
He came up with the Copenhagen interpretation. However Einstein disagreed with Bohr and after 31 years of cold hard rivalry John Stuart Bell resolved the problem with his genius test which disproved Einstein! Neils Bohr is inspiring because of his bravery in standing up against an iconic figure like Einstein and sticking to his view despite the hatred from the public who stated, “G-d does not play dice with the universe.”

Another inspiration for me is Nicolas Tesla.

It is not very well known that he invented:
. An alternating current.
. Fluorescent bulbs.
. X rays (crucial for x ray crystallography.)
. The radio.
. The remote control.
. The electric motor.
. Robotics.
. Lasers.
. Wireless communication.  
. Limitless free energy.

You may be thinking ‘what about Thomas Edison’. Well in actual fact Edison was a businessman and he stole Tesla’s ideas and then made money from them. When Tesla found out he quoted ‘I don’t care that they stole my idea… I care that they don’t have any of their own.” You may now be saying, “but how come we don’t have unlimited energy?” Well, imagine the amount of money that is made every year by electricity companies who generate and sell energy. Because of this many hit men were actually sent out to kill him so that they could still make money! Many of his workings are now classified but there is now a tesla car that generates energy as it drives! Nicolas Tesla is inspiring because of his ingenuity and advanced thinking for his time.