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Thursday, 17 December 2015

INSPIRATION: Conquering the Climb

I do not get inspired very often but in America this summer as I was in Yosemite national park by the massive rock face, el Capitan a huge wave of inspiration rushed through my body. This was a feeling I never felt before. However the question is what has a rock face done to inspire me? A year ago I watched a program on television about a girl climbing El Capitan and ever since I heard that we were going to Yosemite I felt compelled to look up at it.

When we arrived and I caught the first glimpse of this huge rock face knew at that point that I wanted to climb it. All I had been saying the whole way to Yosemite was “I want to go to the base of El Capitan". On the first day we hiked along a trail going up to the base of el capital. When we arrived at the base I looked up “WOW" I had been looking forward to this moment for ages. Now I was even more inspired to climb up this rock face because of its height, beauty and the challenge it would be. I could just feel the feeling standing at the top; I imagined it would feel like I was on top of the world. You would think that you can't get more inspired then this but I did. At the base there was a rocky bit of El Capitan before the face starts getting flat so as I was so inspired I climbed the first five feet and this made me want to climb the whole way even more.

Being inspired at the time was the most amazing feeling but maintaining that is so hard. Although it was the most insperational moment I knew that if it was going to come true and I was going to climb El Capitan I would have to keep hold of that passion.

Now as I am back at school and summer is over I still can find that little bit of inspiration in me and although I have not done anything about it yet I still want to pursue my dream all thanks to that moment.