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Thursday, 17 December 2015


Most people love a blank page. A new start – a clean slate full of opportunities. What’s not to like? For me, an empty sheet is terrifying. The pressure to write claws at me as time ticks away, the daunting pages sitting there, mocking me. I try to block everything out, focus my mind away from all the distractions, onto the blinking cursor where words should be flowing. But nothing comes.

Eventually, I give in to the temptations around me and let my mind wander. Through the foggy window, I watch snowflakes flutter gently from the sky, shimmering in the morning light. My eyes close. I find myself in a deserted street, every surface covered in a thick, white, snowy blanket. The howling wind drowns out my footsteps as snow brushes the tip of my nose, urging me to have a taste. Shrill voices rise into the air as I turn the corner into the park.

Walking through the gate, I'm greeted by an incredible sight. Hundreds of kids, laughing, celebrating the snow, their colourful jackets brightening the monochrome landscape. Snowball throwing children are soaked to the bone, their gloves sopping wet. Others skate across the lake, making large cracks in the surface. Sledges hurtle down the hills, racing to the bottom. A few lone snowmen are dotted around the hills, their pebble eyes surveying the scene, old scarves wrapped carelessly around their shoulders.

My eyes flicker open, and I'm back at my desk, gazing at the same blank page, the same flashing cursor. But suddenly it doesn't seem so intimidating. My head is full of ideas, just waiting to be put down onto paper.