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Thursday, 28 November 2013


Most people look to celebrities or well known people for inspiration, individuals who have achieved in their lives. This can be anyone from Steven Hawkins, to Beyonce, depending on what each person deems an accomplishment. However, I believe inspiration can be found a little closer to you than the writers, performers, artists and politicians who have gained the worlds devotion.

5 years ago my father suffered from an extremely rare type of stroke, one which affects on average only 6 people in the UK per year. This stroke blocked the blood supply to my dad's spine, leaving him completely paralysed. My good-humoured, annoying, embarrassing dad had gone from preparing to run the marathon to not having the ability to move or speak in a matter of hours.

Upon first diagnosis the doctors said that at most he would be paralysed from the waist down for the rest of his life. Except the doctors did not know my father, they did not know how truly incredible he is. You see, he is ridiculously stubborn and unbelievably determined. Therefore, my dad decided to prove those doctors wrong.

2 hospitals, 7 months, and thousands of extensive physiotherapy sessions later, my father left hospital walking only with the support of a walking stick. Today he had progressed even more, with only a slight limb giving away his illness.

The difficulty of what he worked through is something none of us can comprehend. Even today he still struggles with it, as a stroke is something you never quite fully recover from. However, he still pushes himself every week in the gym and with his physiotherapist until he aches.

My dad is my hero. He inspires me every day and what he has achieved reminds me that no matter how much work I have to or how difficult I'm finding school, or friends or anything, it could be a thousand times worse. If my dad could work through his illness then I can certainly work through my English essay.

However, there is one thing that nudges at the back of my brain; my dad was always determined and brave, but not until the worst happened did I even realise. Therefore, next time you are looking for inspiration, look a little closer to home, rather than out into the world of celebrities. You just might find it's been under your nose the whole time.