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Thursday, 28 November 2013


My Grandpa was an inspiration to me just as Diego Maradona the footballer was. He liked to live life to the fullest. He always told me to spend everyday like it’s your last. He’s not with us now. I miss him everyday. He was very successful and happy.

He started off his career as an accountant, then went into business and then was an owner of a big clothing company which he sold after a few years. When he took over the family business from his father and ran the clothing company he met the Queen as he was given a prestigious award, the Commander of the British Empire (CBE) for his services to the British clothing industry.

He passed away 8 months ago. I will never forget him. I always imagine talking to him every night before I go to sleep. I look up to him. All my family say I looked like him when I smile and I am like him. He was a strong man. He beat cancer. It took me a while to recover from his death. I love him so much and I always think of him everyday.

He was very sporty and very active like me, until he was in his 60s. He had an illness from aged 71 until 79, when he passed away. He was very stiff and couldn’t move properly. He ended up in a wheel chair. I know this sounds silly but he couldn’t go to the toilet without some help. He struggled a lot. But now I know he can do anything he wants to do up in heaven. He can play sport again.

Even when he was ill he always had that cheeky grin on his face. ‘UMPH’ he used to say when he got up from his favourite chair, as he could barely stand up or get up anymore. He had one dimple on his left cheek when he smiled, like me. Before he died, Ariella (one of my sisters) and me and mum went on holiday with Grandpa John and Grandma Pickles. (I like to call her that because I always think she looks like the woman on the pickle jar!)- her real name is Hilary.

Grandpa and I went to watch Grandma play golf on the second day of the holiday. Grandpa was driving the golf buggy with me in it and unfortunately he pressed the accelerator instead of the break and crashed into a tree. Luckily I jumped out of the buggie just in time but Granpda got badly hurt. However, he and I were both laughing as Grandma panicked and ran to the club house to ring the hospital. He went to hospital but ended up being ok.

7 months later, Grandpa died. These were the funniest and scariest memories I have of him.

Grandpa I love you lots and always will.