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Thursday, 28 November 2013

INSPIRATION: 'Driving towards my Goal'

When I think of the word inspiration I think of the phrase ‘driving towards my goal’. My inspiration is the world around me and the people around me. My inspiration comes from my family and friends. I value my friendships very highly and if I have a friend in need I would do my utmost to help.  I also love nature and once played football for three hours for WWF and Greenpeace. I am a confident actor so I have lots of inspiration when it comes to appearing before an audience. I have learned that inspiration is something everybody needs, if someone has no inspiration they would never believe in themselves and will lack self-confidence. This is how inspiration can always come in handy no matter if you are someone who nobody knows or someone everyone knows.

People need inspiration to achieve their goals in life however small or grand.  Inspiration comes from within but some people recognise and grasp it and others who are perhaps less ambitious or forward thinking fail to grasp it and can miss out on life opportunities which may never present themselves again. People use this phrase a lot to indicate a flare coming from a hobby "I have been inspired to do something by an advert on TV to build a wooden sculpture of a bridge". Inspiration is a strong part of life that everyone should use to their advantage.