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Thursday, 28 November 2013


The dictionary definition for the inspiration is “An inspiring or animating action or influence” What inspires me is a difficult question for me to answer this is because everything and anything inspires me, if I see a regular person run 30 miles for charity moreover I see their willingness it makes me think I would love to run 30 miles for a worthy cause which is my animating their action! Celebrities inspires some people but the everyday person is more influential to me I am sure this is because there is more super normal inspirational people then some celebrity that just spent time singing to a camera and became massive *cough Justin Bieber cough cough.* The normal person who makes a website page for people who have life threatening illnesses and raises over £1,000,000,000 causes myself to think what can I do to help wether it donate £2 or raise some money doing a bake sale.

Around two years ago I was watching TV and I saw someone raise a lot of money for Children in Need inspired me and my best friend to run a successful bake sale and raise £125.00 the knock on effect was some other people in my class held a sponsored bike ride for the same charity and raised £100.00 furthermore there sister done a sponsored whole day silence! Your small action can inspire a nation to help. My aim in life is to tour the world inspiring unfortunate kids to inspire others and have a chain reaction!

To conclude the dictionary definition for Inspiration should be changed “A significant action to influence someone else’s action.”