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Friday, 8 April 2016

AMBITION: The Search

When I am asked simply what my ambition is I always say that I genuinely don’t know, so I decided to look into ambition in more depth.

The definition of ambition is “a strong desire to do or achieve something” it can also be described as “determination to success and to set yourself a goal.” Ambition is a dream in other words. Having dreams is essential to achieving success, but you won’t get there just by dreaming. Being ambitious is a skill you develop over time and requires hard work, persistence, and most importantly, a strategy.

Understanding ambition is one thing but finding it is another.  Many people wonder, “How do I find/get an ambition?” It’s actually not as complex as you would think. You need to focus on what you can gain instead of what you might lose and just have more of a positive drive about you so remove “I don’t feel like it” from your vocabulary! You can also set specific goals that are reachable and realistic.

Being ambitious can be very dangerous as it links to “hope” which is very misleading. It’s always good to set yourself goals but don’t set too many or too difficult goals as if you fail to reach them it will be disappointing. However, if you are extremely determined on a certain goal you can achieve it, you just need to work hard and be consistent on your method to reach the goal.

I am yet to find my ambition and therefore I will keep seeking for it.