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Friday, 8 April 2016

AMBITION: A Definition

What is ambition? It is defined by the Oxford dictionary as being “a strong desire to do or achieve something”. This is true but I believe it is a far too simple approach to the question as there are different types of ambition, for example, in Julius Caesar by Shakespeare, Brutus, Julius Caesar’s murderer, Antony seems to suggest that being ambitious is a bad thing as he says “Brutus says he [Julius Caesar] was ambitious” conveying it is his reasoning for having murdered Caesar. The other type of ambition is a positive one; striving to making something better or to improve oneself on a reasonable scale. This is because I think what Antony’s message in his speech is not solely that being ambitious is a bad thing but that ambition can be dangerous because one can be ambitious for an unrealistic goal meaning they will try achieving it being unsuccessful and doing all that is possible to complete their goal thus making a very dangerous form of ambition. Another, more recent, example of this type of ambition is Hitler, his terrible hate and ambition to destroy all those he saw as inferior to the “perfect” German race, he achieved great power in Germany and created an ideology that at the time seemed a solution to everyone’s problems. But, his unrealistic goal manifested itself as the systematic murder of over 11 million innocent men, women and children. There are many more examples of this throughout history that show all the damage that the bad form of ambition can do however there are also positive examples of ambition that, although they make less of an impact on the world, make it into history. The reason I say the negative form of ambition makes more of an impact is because it is a lot easier to be destructive on a massive scale than being progressive and moral on even any significantly large scale. A relatively recent result of positive ambition was the creation of the state of Israel fuelled by the great ambition of Theodor Herzl. Herzl was inspired by seeing a soldier being accused of spying simply because he was Jewish and it gave him the ambition to create a safe haven for all Jews. His ambition now means the Jewish people have a homeland where they are protected by a country and are safe from persecution. So, to define ambition, ambition is not just simply a binary question of either having it or not, rather, it is a deeper question that shows itself throughout history as people are influenced by an inspiration to become ambitious either positively or negatively. Therefore, I believe the true definition of ambition is; “the choice that is made to either be destructive or progressive when one is given an inspiration”.