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Thursday, 31 October 2013

INSPIRATION: What is it?

Inspiration. A very interesting phenomenon. When you actively seek inspiration, you will find it. It’s almost like seeking the truth about life and reality. An artist or photographer derives inspiration from the sunset or a naked human body, because he wants and actively uses the inspiration to create a piece of art. The object can be out there, but it is only the creator that transforms the object into an inspiration. Therefore inspiration is itself a creative process, because our mind actively changes a simple object into an ‘inspiration’, or abstract concept that can motivate us to change, or use our paintbrush on one’s canvas in a certain fashion.

Inspiration is internal; only slightly influenced by the outside world. It’s not a phenomenon, rather a state of mind where you are subconsciously looking out for triggers that will aid you in whatever creative endeavour you have planned.

People rely too much on the outside world to provide them with a ‘moment of inspiration’; some complex meaning displayed by some abstract conceptual ‘thing’, when in reality it’s just a trigger to open up the inner depths of one’s creative subconscious.