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Thursday, 31 October 2013

INSPIRATION: The hunt for inspiration

Finding inspiration to write something about being inspired proved to be remarkably challenging.

In the hunt for inspiration, I asked my mother who said “All sorts of things can inspire you. For example if you’re in Hampstead Heath looking at a sunset. That might inspire you to paint a picture.”
However I’m not painting a picture, I need inspiration for a piece of writing (that just happens to be on inspiration).
I then went on to find out what inspires my brother. His considerably egocentric response was “I inspire myself”. Even after hearing this absolutely life changing advice, I still was not quite inspired.

Finally, an inspirational thought came to me. I went to someone who had been around long enough to help me on my assignment; with 85 years of experience I hoped my eccentric granny would enlighten me. Her reply was “If I want to create something, I get inspired by something else to create something”. Excuse me, what?

All in all, inspiration certainly differs for each individual. After listening to my relatives talk about what inspires them, I came to the conclusion that I am most inspired by my family.