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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

AMBITION: JFS Planting the Seed


When I got to JFS, there were GCSEs I thought I would never even consider later in my school life. But being part of JFS, has given me a whole new perspective on these subjects. JFS does so much to encourage students to have the determination to follow the path they want. They do not stop at just giving lessons; they give students the opportunity to experience their options by doing activities such as workshops, clubs and trips.

Ambition is one of the hardest things to give to people, especially to students. It means giving them a new idea for the future, which may change their lives. This is the aim of a secondary school, not only to educate students about certain topics but also to inspire students to look at options they might not have considered otherwise. This is easier said than done, and it is something that is quite often not achieved.  JFS, on the other hand, has succeeded and continues to succeed at giving students new ambitions.

There are many people who come to JFS hating a particular subject, and end up taking it for GCSE and sometimes further. The thing that students realise after having been at JFS for a while is that many of the subjects they did not think were  important, are actually very useful for and might make a job that they want to do in the future, easier. Therefore giving ambition does not only give someone new ideas for the future, it helps them understand everything they need to achieve all the needed qualifications.

This is something that happens quite often. In fact, it happened to me. In my first few months at JFS, I thought that I could not do geography; I did not think it was a subject I would enjoy. It turns out that I have now chosen to do it for GCSE because after doing lessons I started to realise that many of the topics discussed related to jobs that I might want to do in the future. Not only this, it was a subject that I thought was very interesting and relevant to the future.

JFS does not only give students new ambitions, it helps them pursue ambitions that they have. Students are given the chance to achieve their full potential. This is something that is very important and I think that JFS given many students ambitions which will benefit them later in their lives.