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Monday, 9 December 2013


If you are considering who the most inspirational and influential figures in all of history are, then you may end up contemplating the ancient Greeks. It is argued that our entire civilisation is based on their culture as the birthplace of democracy and the source of most western literature.

But who inspired the inspiration?
Who can we thank for the work of the Greeks? 
That’s where it gets interesting.

Inspiration does not only mean to be creatively stimulated or influenced, it is also used as another word for inhalation (in terms of breathing). Interestingly enough, the ancient Greeks would use these definitions interchangeably. It was believe that all art was actually a result of the gods breathing through the creator. For example, when a poet such as Homer would recite a piece, they would call on one of the nine muses to speak through them.

The nine muses were all goddesses; there was one for each type of art. Each artist would have to call on the appropriate type; Homer would’ve called on the goddess Calliope, as she was the muse of epic poetry.

Even though there may not be ancient goddesses flying around, waiting for me to summon them to do my homework, I think that Greek-style inspiration is a fantastic take on how we create things now. I dare to say that I have been inspired.

Everyone has muses, everything we do, say and make has been influenced directly or indirectly by other people. I took the time to sit and consider who my muses are; where various friends and family members, teachers and celebrities came up. I have decided that this list has the potential to be endless; just about every single person on Earth has something valuable to offer.

So here is my mission: for everyone I meet, hear of, or read about, I will attempt to find at least one aspect or feature about them to remember. This can be anything, from what they are wearing to what they enjoy doing, as long as I remember this one thing I admire about them. I hope to prove that there is value to find in everyone, and that everywhere there is inspiration waiting to be breathed in.